Digital Skills Role Profiles

A series of digital role profiles aligned to the Jisc Digital Capability Framework has been designed to highlight the digital capabilities associated with particular staff and student roles. Some were developed by Jisc and some within the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS) at The University of Edinburgh. Although the latter were designed within that College they may also be relevant to similar roles in other parts of the University.

Role profiles demonstrate the specific digital skills that staff and students need to be effective in their roles – both in terms of current and new areas of practice. They are a useful tool for helping individuals and those developing others’ skills to take a holistic view of digital skills development focused on a specific role, pinpoint specific skills development needs and to start planning a development journey.

Using role profiles to develop digital skills

Here are some examples of how you can use role profiles for developing digital skills.


  • Assess and reflect on your own digital skills development needs relevant to your role.
  • Identify areas for development and plan your personal digital skills development path to improve digital skills and practices.
  • Ensure your digital capabilities are fully recognised and credited, e.g. by discussion and acknowledgement in development reviews, inclusion on your CV or LinkedIn profile, and accreditation with badges or certificates.

Developing others

  • Initiate conversations about developing digital skills and establish a common language based on the Jisc model.
  • Review individual staff digital skills development needs, e.g. discussion at ADRs and 1-to-1s.
  • Assess collective team strengths and weaknesses and identify areas in which skills need to be developed or recruited.
  • Ensure staff digital capabilities are fully recognised and credited, e.g. by discussion and acknowledgement in development reviews and accreditation with badges or certificates.
  • Provide a link to strategic objectives to ensure the right skills are developed in your staff to build capability to achieve team and wider objectives.
  • Ensure that digital capabilities and responsibilities are reflected in job descriptions

 Use this:

  • If you are staff or a student seeking guidance on which digital skills are best matched to your role
  • If you are staff or student looking for a role-specific focus on digital skills development
  • As the basis for development conversations, reviews and planning (including ADRs)


Available role profiles

The following role profiles are currently available. Click the role title to open the document in PDF format. The University of Edinburgh role profiles are hosted on the CAHSS SharePoint site and require you to log in to your university Office 365 account.


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