Structured Learning: Digital Learning Development and Teaching

The capacity to participate in and benefit from digital learning opportunities, supporting and developing others in digitally-rich settings.

You can access the structured learning path for Digital learning, development and teaching below. Begin with an optional introductory classroom-based workshop where you can explore the digital capability and gain a better understanding of it before progressing through two online development toolkits offering resources at beginner and advanced levels. Workshops run regularly, so you can start at any time, or you can jump straight to the toolkits if you prefer.
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2 hour classroom based

Our interactive workshops provide a great starting point in your digital skills development journey, as they are designed to help you analyse and understand the digital capability and its application to your work and life.

This workshop gives you the opportunity to investigate ways in which you can develop your capacity to learn, teach and develop yourself efficiently using digital tools and platforms during your time at the University and beyond.

The workshop is suitable for both students and staff.

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Beginner toolkit

Online Learning

The digital skills toolkits for beginners are designed to give you a broad overview of each of the six digital capabilities that our Digital Skills Framework is built around, and aim to help you start developing your skills in these areas. Each toolkit gives you access to specifically curated content providing links to around 10 resources – videos, activities, articles – that you can read, watch, listen to and participate in. You can pick and choose the resources most relevant to you or complete them all.

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Advanced toolkits

Online Learning

The advanced digital skills toolkits contain learning resources specially selected by subject experts within the University, in collaboration with the Digital Skills team, and provide more challenging learning options to develop your digital skills in depth.

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