Development Reviews


If you are a member of staff looking to develop digital skills required for your role, to improve existing skills or develop new skills for career progression, a regular development review provides a good platform from which to start a conversation about your digital skills development.

Use it as an opportunity to highlight and review development needs or business-critical areas such as data protection issues, data analytics, or institutional systems and procedures.

Managers and staff can accomplish this by following five easy steps:

  1. Establish the vision and intent that will drive forward your focus, or on developing your team’s digital capability.
  2. Break down the vision into smaller objectives which feed into the bigger picture (personal or organisational) and ensure that they are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely).
  3. Work with your team/manager via the annual development reviews (ADR), your personal tutor or your principal investigator to decide what digital capabilities are appropriate and agree on a development plan. You can draw on other tools including the digital skills resource finder, role profiles or Digital Discovery Tool.
  4. Decide on the support mechanisms required to achieve your individual goals (such as time allocated to personal development, access to systems, 1-2-1 conversations, etc.).
  5. Consolidate your plan and enjoy your bespoke programme.

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