Welcome to the Digital Skills Framework

The Digital Skills Framework is a tool to help you evaluate your current levels of digital capability, reflect on your development needs, plan your development path and find resources to help you develop your skills.

The framework can be used by all staff and students at the University including learners, teachers, researchers and professional services staff.

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How to Use the Framework

  1. Identify skills to develop using the Discovery Tool, role profiles or through a development conversation with your manager or supervisor
  2. Find appropriate learning resources using the Resource Finder tool
  3. Use the resources to develop your skills

The Discovery Tool

Hand writing on a piece of paper

A self-assessment questionnaire to evaluate your current digital skill levels across the six elements of digital capability.


Role Profiles

People laughing in a classroom

Role profiles demonstrate the specific digital skills that staff and students need to be effective in their roles – both in terms of current and new areas of practice.

Resource Finder

A man using a laptop on a plane

Your one-stop portal providing access to over 600 resources and training courses to develop your digital skills, offering a variety of learning formats from over 30 providers.

Structured Learning

Woman using a laptop and writing

Structured learning offers a holistic approach to developing your digital skills by learning through our workshops, beginner toolkits and advanced toolkits to earn a digital/open badge.

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